June Sales

MakeModelCasting #ComponentOutright Price
CumminsISX4925761Crankshaft$2,200 (NEW)
CumminsISX4208515Block$2,850 (NEW)
CAT35164P1457Exhaust Manifold
Reconditioned Manifold
CAT35164P1457Exhaust Manifold
Good Core Only
CAT3512785BEngine Core Complete$28,000
CAT35124P2612Crank$18,500 std/std
CATD11134-2202Pivot Shaft$6,250 exchange
CATD108E2900Pivot Shaft$4,100 exchange
CAT777 B/C/G/D/F183-7417Front Spindle$2,500 exchange
CAT777 B/C107-8504Rear Spindle$3,000 outright
CATD11R128-7256Front Major Bogie$4,600 exchange
CATD11R9W7871Middle Major Bogie$4,600 exchange
CATD11R128-7255Rear Major Bogie$4,600 exchange

All parts have been through our machine shop and are ready to be used.

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