Spray Welding

Republic Diesel has been using the Thermal Coating process to repair engine components, transmission, torque and brake components for several years. This repair process is authorized by many manufacturers to repair various components. The two primary processes we use are the thermal spray arc system and the powder flame spray process. We successfully repair components that range from a couple of inches in diameter up to 60 inches in diameter. We have applied the thermal coating to spindles and hubs in large earth moving equipment as well as repairing a seal surface of a bearing race diameter on small splined shafts.

  • Cylinder block restoration
  • Main caps spray-welded to restore interference fit
  • Main saddles spray welded to repair damaged bores
  • Crankshaft seal areas
  • Big bore end on connecting rod
  • Driveline yoke seal area

Internal transmission and torque components including:

  • Brake Anchors
  • Brake Pistons
  • Aluminum Torque Converter-Impellors
  • Stators
  • Turbines
  • Yokes
  • Steering Clutch Pistons

Spray Weld Preparations

  • Preparing and masking
  • Spray weld repair
  • Applied repair before resurface
  • Resurfaced decks

We use two types of spray weld systems: Twin Arc System and the Flame Spray System. We can apply several types materials, 95% pure aluminum, aluminum bronze, cast iron and a 95% nickle 5% aluminum mixture. There are many other types materials we can apply if need. We spray weld to restore worn seal surfaces, bearing bores or shaft diameters, build up to restore size and to fill in damaged areas. We use a robotic arm to apply the spray weld on large surfaces. On cylindrical parts we apply the spray weld in our lathe using the cross feed to apply the spray weld.