TSI Thermal Spray purchased a TD-3000 unit from Republic, and were very happy with the whole process. The guys at Republic Diesel communicated with me during the entire process, and made sure I understood any possible issues before they could happen. The unit was quite large and they checked into a number of different shipping methods to help me keep the cost down and packaged it very well to prevent any possible damage. From my experience, I would recommend them with no issue.
Robert Longhe, TSI Thermal Spray, Alberta, Canada

Marmon-Herrington Company has enjoyed working with Republic Diesel for thirteen plus years. The Republic Diesel staff provides drive shaft modification or supplies new drive shaft products. When you call Republic Diesel, the person answering the phone is cheerful and attentive, which is always a plus. If they cannot assist you, someone else is always available.

Clara Kendrick, Marmon-Herrington Company, Kentucky

Republic Diesel provides excellent service.

Kamlesh Kamdar, One Touch Gears LTD, Mombasa, Kenya

Republic Diesel is a great partner. They are very helpful and professional, a pleasure to do business with. They help me to take the best care of my customers that I can.

Daniel Hale, Carolina CAT, North Carolina

Recently, I  had problems with my M35A3’s Transmission and found out the military neither serviced nor operated them with any competence.

I had the same problems that many others have had. First, the intermittent loss of reverse gear and then the out right lack of fourth gear. After reading many posts concerning the same problem, exacerbated, I believe by the use of 15/40 motor oil and different drivers “among” other military rebuild factors.

I came to the realization that I had to pull the transmission and go through a rebuild. I have seen many written complaints about the cost and problems associated with rebuilding the Allison 1545P, which is the normal transmission used in the M35A3’s conversion from the M35A2. I also had concerns about the cost and time involved.

I had seen costs everywhere from $1,550 for a maybe we can do it and no warranty, to the ever present $2,500 if you get it to us. I even received a couple of promises to get it shipped to them and they would do it for around $1,400. They did Allisons but never a 1545P and needed my trans to be sent to them. I even found a new one in the shipping crate from $5,200 to $6,700 leaving me with the ever present thoughts of doing the rebuild myself.

Then by pure chance I contacted a diesel truck company that doesn’t even advertise transmission service, but the manager Chris Redden, assured me that they did Allisons all the time and were infact Allison specialists. The price alone had me concerned as it was for too cheap, but after a week of searching I relented.

I re-contacted the company and Chris Redden still had our e-mails, and as it turns out they were the best thing that could have happened. This company has been in business since the end of WW-1. That is 102 years, and they have specialized in Allison Automatic transmissions for over 35 years. On top of all that, they arranged the pick up of my transmission at my home. They shipped it to one of their Allison facilities, and completely rebuilt my trans in a way I had never expected. It is not only new inside and out, but they did a complete Dyno function test of the entire range, included the dyno documentation with the trans, and return shipped it with a new 275LU torque converter and a warranty. They did this all for the unbelievable price of $1,325.00.

They are amazing! After installing the transmission (following all of the included directions) my Deuce has NEVER been so nice to drive. It shifts so smoothly and has torque you would not believe!!

I am writing this because they don’t advertise and so many of you have the same problems with your military surplus vehicles I just had to share this information!

Chris is without peer in the field, for his honesty and the ability to deliver exactly what he promises. If you have any issues with your Allison and are looking at a rebuild, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail Republic Diesel. The amount of relief you will get from knowing your trans is done right and the proof of it is more than most of us can ask for.

Whisky Tango A3